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Here are a few links from Auntie Beeb that have caught my eye today.

The 9th of July 2011 is the day that the United Nations welcomed its 193rd member: the Republic of South Sudan was declared an independent state admit jubilant celebrations in Juba, the main seat of government. The BBC also has this interesting profile of the new country. (Incidentally, I’m becoming quite infuriated with the Corporation’s insistence at calling South Sudan a “nation”, but that’s another matter.)

Nick Robinson has an article on a speech given by John Major on the issue of devolution in the United Kingdom. I particularly enjoyed reading, “My own view on Scottish independence is very straightforward: it would be folly – bad for Scotland and bad for England – but, if Scots insist on it, England cannot – and should not – deny them,” although I’m yet to read the whole speech in full. [Emphasis mine.]

The News of the World, due to be closed this weekend after 168 years, is printing five million copies of its final edition. The paper has been torn apart by the ongoing scandal regarding the hacking of the telephone lines of various high profile figures.

And finally, although not particularly related to this blog, this page allows the Atlantis space shuttle to be tracked undertaking what is the last mission for the Space Shuttle programme.


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